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Frequently asked questions

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    How do you select each cohort? Will I be with people relevant to my business and objectives?

    Members are grouped in cohorts based on type of business, scale, and shared vision. All programme members have a common goal around growth and will typically be facing very similar challenges, and thus the idea is to provide additional value through peer-group support underpinned with structured moderation by Crescent advisers.

  • 2

    I’m concerned about sharing trade secrets with people outside of my business, how am I protected?

    All Crescent members sign an NDA before starting the programme, which states that nothing discussed during the programme or attached to the programme can be disclosed with others. We are also conscious not to group people together with competitors, and encourage a culture of openness and candour among the members.

  • 3

    Can my team access the platform, and participate in the programme?

    Crescent is designed for Founders and CEOs and so we typically limit active participation to your co-founders or co-owners, but as you progress through the programme there will be specific topic areas where your wider senior management team will also be able to participate.

  • 4

    Will the value of the advice be consistent given there will be a range of advisers?

    All Crescent advisers are experienced both as operators and as business advisers (many working with Collingwood Advisory’s existing clients), and go through a thorough briefing on both the content they create, how they present, and how to ensure members get the most out of the programme.

  • 5

    How much 1-2-1 time will I get with a board-level adviser?

    You will get a dedicated 1 hour 1-2-1 virtual or in-person meeting each month with your adviser which acts in a similar way to a board strategy session. Your dedicated adviser will also be available between sessions and workshops for adhoc support. You also have access to weekly ‘ask the expert’ sessions where you can ask specific questions on course assignments and challenges.

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    What’s the support network like? Can Crescent help me find good legal, accounting, and financial advisers?

    Crescent members can tap into a wider network of professional services and suppliers through our extensive network accumulated over 15 years as advisers, and a further 20 as operators. We will only recommend those we have worked directly with, but you will have to access a wider list of prospective suppliers which you can vet (and also ask others in your cohort for their recommendations).

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