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On Demand: From Startup to Scaleup Webinar

Only a minority of owner-managed businesses manage to scale beyond the immediate control of their Founders. With the right headspace and planning, many more could do so.

This webinar shares the success stories of media and information entrepreneurs who’ve built leading brands, dominant market share, and high performance cultures. It is intended to inspire earlier stage company owners, and to outline the key tools and processes that successful CEOs share.

Here’s what we learned:

Scaleup is about People, Process, Culture, Focus

  • Products, markets, sales and marketing are very important but the CEO of a scaleup business needs to prioritise the company, culture and people
  • Don’t get distracted by new products and business models if you haven’t built the right culture and a robust operating model
  • Your launch team (housebuilders) will almost certainly be replaced by a “Scale Team” who are more like city planners, to use Adam’s analogy
  • Train your people, train your managers, from day one

Post-Covid: New Skillsets, Plus Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Digital natives and data scientists are becoming core to media and subscription models
  • But there’s no substitute for an entrepreneurial culture, and hiring people based on fit and values
  • And be customer-driven (but ask the questions carefully so you don’t get customer led mission creep!)

Here's the recording


  • Amanda Barnes, CEO of Faversham House

    After leading the MBO of Faversham House, Amanda subsequently divested non-core assets in order to take the company private again. Faversham House owns media brands in the utilities, sustainability and visual communications sectors, including Utility Week.

  • Adam Raleigh Founder & CEO of Markets Group

    Adam is the Founder and CEO of Markets Group. Markets Group has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. in Inc Magazine’ s annual INC 500 ranking. With offices in New York, London and Singapore Markets Group has produced over 500 in person conferences and over 250 virtual events covering the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

  • Daniel Pitchford Co-Founder of Futurum Media and COO of Collingwood Advisory

    Daniel co-founded and built a market-leading hybrid digital community / events business in the enterprise AI space, selling to Informa within 18 months of launch. He provides M&A and value creation advice to Collingwood’s clients. Daniel is also a venture partner with SuperSeed, a Seed stage fund which invests in SaaS startups with high levels of recurring revenue.

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